The New Year’s Resolution That Changed My Life

Two years ago I made a New Years Resolution that changed my life. Like many people, I had hopes of bettering myself and making the most out of the upcoming year. In years past, I had resolved to eat healthier or exercise more. And I undoubtedly failed over and over again. But two years ago, I was called to focus my efforts on my spiritual well-being instead of my physical well-being, and the results were monumental. I didn’t fail. For the first time, possibly in my entire life, I didn’t fail at my New Year’s Resolution.

In 2016 I resolved to go to church more often. At the time we had moved back to my hometown 4 months prior, and for years we didn’t have a “home” church we felt super comfortable with. My husband worked every other weekend. And I had two very small children. To top it off, my youngest, Annabelle was nearly a year old, and I was dealing with postpartum anxiety which sometimes made it nearly impossible to leave the house. Going to church wasn’t easy. It took a great deal of physical and mental effort on my part. And I didn’t make it every week. But I tried my darndest and attended FAR more church services than I had the years leading up to that Resolution. We had to try a couple of different churches before we landed at the church that I had grown up going to a great deal of my life.

We now go to church almost every single week. Not because I am trying to keep a Resolution, but because that Resolution changed my life and now we WANT to go.

So this time of year I listen to people make resolutions, and I listen to the haters make fun of people for making resolutions. And I sit on the sidelines with a great deal of HOPE! I hope the best for all of the people who dare to improve their lives. I pray their lives could be changed like mine! So here’s to 2018! To the New Year’s Resolutions made. To the New Year’s Resolutions broken. And to every single one of you, who dares to improve your life, one New Year’s Resolution at a time!

Photo credit: Chase Andrew Gronenthal
**This is not my church, but it is the church my husband and I were married in and I LOVE this beautiful photo!

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