Chicken Bacon Ranch Chowder

Fall is my absolute FAVORITE time of year! I love the “ber” months- SeptemBER, OctoBER, NovemBER and DecemBER! September is the month we moved into our home and I became a stay at home mom 2 years ago. October is the month my husband and I were married almost 8 years ago. November is my birthday month and Thanksgiving and then December is of course Christmas!

One of my favorite things about this time of year (other than Pumpkin Spice Lattes of course) is the fact that it is SOUP SEASON! I know you can really have soup any time of the year, but there is something about the crisp air of fall that makes soup even better. When we have soup as a meal we typically round it out with muffins of some sort, which just makes the whole situation all the better. 

This week I made one of my family’s favorite soups Chicken Bacon Ranch Chowder. We coupled the soup with Pumpkin Spice muffins and it made for the perfect fall supper. 

This soup was initially brought to me by my sister Amanda who shared her recipe for hash brown soup. Over time I have added and added and added things to this soup to create this wonderful chowder! 


Chicken Bacon Ranch Chowder


-32 ounces of chicken broth (sometimes I add another small can of chicken broth if it seems too thick) 

-Large can (or two small cans) of Cream of Chicken soup 

-Bacon- my husband likes when I use the whole package, but you can do whatever you prefer. 


-Dry packet of ranch

-Block of cream cheese

-1/4 of a 32 ounce brick of Velveeta cheese

-Can of whole kernel corn (I don’t use the liquid)

-Can of creamed corn 

-32 ounce bag of potatoes Obrien 



-I use my kitchen scissors and cut my bacon up into little pieces. 

-Dice onion 

-Brown bacon and onion on the stove, I typically add a little salt to the pan

-In large pan add chicken broth, cream of chicken soup, corn, creamed corn and potatoes Obrien- stir together and put on low/medium heat

-add dry ranch mix and any other seasons you prefer (I add a little salt, pepper, garlic salt and Lawry’s season salt). Stir into soup. 

-cube the Velveeta cheese and the cream cheese and stir into soup. Cover with lid.

-after the bacon and onion is done browning, drain the extra grease off and stir into the soup. 

-stir and check frequently until the chowder is warmed all of the way through, the ingredients have melted together and the cheeses are evenly combined. 


We add saltine crackers to ours and enjoy! 


Do you have an amazing soup recipe you would like to share?! I would love to add more to my list of fall and winter soups! 

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  1. Julie Hood says:

    THIS SOUNDS AMAZING!! I have to try this!!!!!

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