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This week I am excited to share with you a podcast that I recorded with Katy from Happy Playces! Katy came across my Instagram feed a few months ago and reached out to me asking to interview me for her podcast. I had never done a podcast before and was intrigued, but a little apprehensive. Katy made the entire experience so enjoyable and I would do another podcast again in a heart beat!

Please click HERE to go to Happy Playces and check out our conversation! Also, give Katy a follow on Instagram to continue to be inspired by her podcasts!

From Happy Playces:

On this episode, I had so much fun chatting with Abigail; wife to her childhood sweetheart, mom to two and blogger at Acreageofgrace.com. She and her family live in Nebraska in a 117-year-old farmhouse, on an acreage of land! You’ll love the story of their journey to their “acreage of grace!” Her home is a true blessing in her life! We talk about letting go of fear and stepping out of in faith and the beginning of her blog!!

Abigail has such great encouragement for all of us! Some of my favorite points were reminding us to surround ourselves with people who believe in us more than we believe in ourselves! Don’t measure your success by what others are doing!” Comparison is the thief of Joy! And Always remind yourself WHY you are doing it!

She shares with us the story of her daughter’s febrile seizure. Her story is so moving and graciously detailed in seeing God’s hand upon each and every one of them at that time! Abigail opens up about her feelings during and after the seizure! Some of her feelings may be ones you can relate to during your journey of motherhood.I know you’ll love this conversation and hopefully it will encourage you to follow your path in life and see God’s grace around you!

To learn more about Happy Playces you can visit us at www.happyplayces.com or follow us Instagram @happyplayces




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