Camp Comeca Guardian Angel Camp

Summer camp was a huge part of my life growing up! Camp Comeca near Cozad, Nebraska is home to some of my fondest family memories. We participated in individual camps and also family camp where my whole family would attend together. 

My husband Jeremy never attended camp growing up! I was so shocked to learn this, because to me, camp was just a way of life! So this past weekend, Jeremy took Brecken to Guardian Angels camp at Camp Comeca! With both of them being first time campers, I was SO EXCITED for them to experience the amazing adventure of Christian camp! 

Guardian Angels camp was designed for pre-k and kindergarten age students and a Guardian. This Guardian could be a father, mother, aunt, uncle, grandparent or family friend. 

Camp check in was at 1pm on Saturday and checkout was at 1pm Sunday. So Jeremy and Brecken (the boys) had 24 hours of fun in store! Because Jeremy was the only male guardian, the boys were upgraded to the Director’s Suite and enjoyed very comfortable accommodations. 

Photo Credit: Camp Comeca

After getting settled in, their first activity was an ice breaker for all of the kids and guardians to get to know each other better. Then they played with a ball and a parachute. Next, they went to the indoor swimming pool and played basketball and Frisbee in the water and enjoyed getting to know the other campers. After swimming they hiked down to the lake and swam and went paddle boating. They followed that with Bible study and worship. Then they went to the cafeteria and ate supper. They both said the food was really good! After supper they did tie dye tshirts and went to the gym and played bowling, soccer, dodgeball and basketball. After the gym they had about 20 minutes of relaxing time. They visited the camp store and bought some candy and a Camp Comeca tshirt and flashlight for Brecken. Then they went and had a campfire and enjoyed s’mores and music. After the campfire they hiked to the cross and took pictures and enjoyed the beautiful view of the river. Their first day of camp was full of outdoor fun and bonding time! 

On day 2 they woke up and had breakfast and then they went to the chapel and did more Bible study and worship. “Your love, Lord, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies” -Psalm 36:5. After worship they went to the gym and climbed the rock wall and then played games. After the gym they did a blindfold obstacle course game and discussed what they are thankful for. Then they packed up their things and enjoyed lunch and then hit the road to travel home. 

Photo Credit: Camp Comeca

Jeremy and Brecken had SOOOO much fun at Camp Comeca and they want to go back for family camp this year! The bonding that they experienced has been evident since they arrived home. They were so excited to tell me all about what they learned about Jesus, camp activities and show me their tie dye tshirts and pictures from camp. I am so grateful that places like Camp Comeca exist to promote faith, family and fun! 

“We had a great time at Camp Comeca!” said Jeremy. “I wouldn’t trade that time with Brecken for anything. We had fun spending time outdoors and bonding as father and son.” 

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  1. Alysha says:

    This makes my heart so happy! Every boy (or girl!) should be able to experience this with their daddy ❤️ Great job uncle jerm showing your boy what living a faith filled life looks like!

    1. says:

      Thanks so much for reading! Yes I agree we are so blessed that they were able to attend. Making sure our children grow up to know Jesus is our number one priority!

  2. Jami says:

    I too am so thankful that Jeremy and Brecken were able to have this wonderful experience together! Camp Comeca is an exceptional church camp and has been an important place for our family’s faith.

    1. says:

      Thank you for reading! Yes, I agree Camp Comeca has been a great place for our family to grow in faith.

  3. Zhade says:

    That looks so fun! I did a marine biologist camp for a week when I was in 5th grade but that was the only camp I ever attended! I think its awesome that your husband and son got to go to camp together! Its nice to be able to do structured events outside of your normal routine!!

    1. says:

      Thanks so much for reading! Yes I agree events outside of your normal routine are so much fun. Marine biology camp sounds like a blast!

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