Pediatric Stroke Awareness: Carter Bug’s Story #BEAVOICE

It is with great joy that I once again welcome Alysha to my Acreage of Grace!  Alysha is a lot of things, but to me, she will always be my little sister. God has given her insight into the world of pediatric strokes through her son Carter and she is great at providing encouragement and resources for other mama’s who may be going through something similar. As a BSN Registered Nurse she also has medical knowledge and insight as well. Last year she wrote the post A Mama’s Encouragement: My Son is a Survivor of Pediatric Stroke. If you haven’t gotten a chance to read that post I highly recommend it. This year she is giving us a little update and then offering a great opportunity to support our local Pediatric Therapy department where Carter has been receiving physical, occupational and speech therapy multiple times a week since before he was a year old! Welcome Alysha!

Pediatric Stroke Awareness: Carter Bug’s Story #BEAVOICE

Photo Credit: Jenee Bethune Photography

Hello All-

It is May again, which is a month near and dear to my heart due to Pediatric Stroke Awareness month. I never realized it, but I do not think that is coincidence because my due date with Carter was May 4th! He did not make it near that far, as he was born on March 31, but definitely not coincidence!

Photo Credit: Jenee Bethune Photography

Carter is my 6 year-old son who suffered an in utero stroke, and now has the following diagnoses associated with his condition: right sided hemiplegic cerebral palsy, epilepsy, developmental delays, periventricular leukomalacia, hyperopia, white matter volume loss in the brain, and moderate intellectual disabilities. Do those things define who he is? They contribute to who he is for sure, but they do not define who he is! If you had a chance to meet or get to know Carter, you would not even see most of those things. What you would see is a handsome child of God who has massive amounts of energy, over the top determination and perseverance, the most loving heart, the greatest sense of humor, a love for Jesus and prayer, and a twinkle in his eye when he looks at (and pesters) his baby brother, Silas and loves on his new baby sister Cecilia Lu.

Since my original post last year, Carter has been so very busy, and doing wonderful! He has now participated in t-ball, soccer, wrestling, and track! That kid never ceases to amaze me. His drive and determination is so inspiring. While he realizes that he has certain deficits, he most definitely does not let that get in his way! He is willing to try anything, and has actually done quite well at most of his sporting events. He ALMOST beat a kid in a wrestling match, and lost in a buzzer beating point by the other kid. He tells everyone “I was in wrestling, and I almost beat a kid, I lost by only 1 point”! Bless his heart!

Photo Credit: Jenee Bethune Photography

Carter has also welcomed a baby sister into his world, and is loving being a big brother again…he is such a huge help to mommy! We have applied for a proclamation from the governor again this year to proclaim May 2017 as Pediatric Stroke Awareness month in Nebraska, and are waiting to hear back. And most importantly, Carter will be graduating from kindergarten next week! I could write a whole post about his progress in kindergarten, and the steps we took to get there, but that is for another day. Long story short, he has done amazingly well…and he is academically pretty much caught up with all of the other kids in his class. We could not be more proud! He works so hard!

Photo Credit: Jenee Bethune Photography


This year, Abigail and I are selling coffee mugs and donating ALL of the proceeds to our local Wiggles and Giggles Pediatric Physical Therapy Clinic through a donation by our Carter-Bug. Carter’s therapists are more like friends and family to us. They share in our ups and downs and are always there to cheer Carter on and encourage our family! They help so many children reach milestones many may have thought were impossible. These are the miracle workers, the hand holders, the tear wipers, the cheerleaders- the therapists at our local Wiggles and Giggles Therapy clinic.  They are truly angels and any amount of money we can donate to continue to help them do the amazing work they do every day, is an amount we will be proud of.

Below is an example of one of the mugs we created, but we are able to write pretty much ANYTHING on your custom order! These would make great Mother’s Day gifts, teacher’s gifts, Father’s Day gifts, Graduation gifts or just fun mugs to have around your house! We are selling these coffee mugs for $10 per mug (plus shipping if you are not local).  They are ceramic mugs with vinyl lettering and design work. They will need to be carefully hand washed.

Some different sayings we are planning to put on our mugs and that would make great custom orders include:

-Pediatric Stroke Awareness: Team Carter-Bug
-Midwest Mama
-Blessed Mama
-Football Mama
-Soccer Mom
-Dance Mama
-Oily Mama
-Best Mama Ever
-World’s Okayist Mama
-This Might Be Wine
-Jesus & Coffee
-Coach’s Wife
-Farmer’s Wife
-Mommin’ Ain’t Easy
-Tired as a Mother
-God Bless this Hot Mess
-Mama Needs A Nap
-Mom Life is the Best Life
-Goals Today: Keep the Tiny Humans Alive

Please place an order for your custom mug by emailing and indicating how many mugs you would like, what you would like them to say and what color of lettering and design work you would prefer. Feel free to attach an image of an idea you have if you would like! Again, ALL proceeds will go to our local Pediatric Therapy!

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  1. Mimi says:

    I could not be more proud of Carter Bug and his amazing progress. He is such a hard little worker in all he does! He amazes me as he sits and does his homework (wrote his numbers 1-30 last night), participates in his sports-fully, and most importantly says his personal prayers to Jesus! I love this little boy and am thankful that you continue to share his story.???

  2. Jami says:

    Such a beautiful story! Thank you for sharing Carter Bug’s story. He is an incredible little boy so full of love and adventure in life. God has wonderful plans for Carter and I will continue to pray for him daily.
    Your mugs are beautiful. I would like one that reads Mimi’s Little Blessings
    Landyn, Raegan, Carter, Cohen, Brecken, Annabelle, Silas, and Cecilia

    1. says:

      Yes it is a very inspirational story! We will get working on your mug right away!

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