This Is How I Mom by Hannah Christensen

It is a joy for me to welcome a fellow Nebraska Blogger to my Acreage of Grace today! Hannah Christensen is a stay at home mom living in eastern Nebraska, but born and raised in Ohio. She is married to her best friend and a mother to four children: two little girls, who are three and four, a baby in Heaven and a little one on the way. She works at home as a part time medical biller while blogging about motherhood and homemaking at She loves her faith, her morning coffee, horseback riding, Nebraska sports and home organization. You can find her either outside chasing her children around a playground or online facilitating her Midnight Moms Community. Midnight Moms is a place for moms to find moments of encouragement through connection.  Click here to join the fun. 

This Is How I Mom
By: Hannah Christensen

I woke up early this morning to something every mom dreads waking up to – a difficult three year old. She was half asleep, with a tousled head, using her best whiny voice to say she needed a drink and wanted to go potty. I got up to help her and then tried to coax her back to bed for just a little more sleep, but she wanted to get dressed and then she wanted breakfast. Halfway through her breakfast, she was crying that she wanted to get her pajamas back on.

I helped her back into her PJs and then, giving up on getting any more shut-eye myself, I went to take a shower.  The whole time I was in the bathroom, she stood outside of the door crying about having to go potty  even though she had just gone 10 minutes before.

I think three might be the worst age.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not the most patient mom. I get easily stressed by chaos and I have high expectations for my children’s behavior even though they are, after  all, just children. Needless to say, I don’t enjoy  responding to the demands of my little ones the first thing in the morning. I’m a work in progress when it comes to serving them joyfully  and responding to them cheerfully every hour of the day and night. I don’t have it all together and I’ll be the first to admit it.

But as I settled at my desk with my prayer books and coffee a few minutes later, a little girl with a sheepish smile and tear stained cheeks came crawling up into my lap for comfort and laid her tousled head on my shoulder.  As I held her and smelled the sweet scent of her curls, my heart melted and I was reminded for the thousandth time how one tiny precious moment can make up for all the frustrating moments in between.

Motherhood is a calling. Our children are gifts and they were chosen by God to be sent specifically to each of us. That doesn’t mean children are easy to raise or that we won’t have to let pieces of ourselves go in order to love them more unconditionally. But it does mean that we are meant to be mothers to our particular children and that we have everything we need, through grace,  to be the moms our children need us to be.

Being a mother is a noble pursuit and through it, we surrender our imperfect selves, our rough edges, the selfish corners of our hearts. Every day as a mom is a new challenge to practice patience, compassion, selflessness, and to serve with a more joyful heart. 

It may seem impossible in the middle of that 10am tantrum or the 2am bed wetting, or the 10pm  bedtime resistance to continue finding joy in your mom life. But I can almost guarantee that the discouragement will melt away with the next toddler cuddle or the next dimpled smile and you will realize all over again how special and important being a mom is.

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