Naked and Unafraid: Successful Potty Training

I know that potty training is kind of a hot topic among parents. When should you start? How do you do it? Should you offer incentives? There are so many questions in parenting, but I like to live by the rule that everybody can do everything differently and that doesn’t necessarily make it “right” or “wrong”. I also know that bragging about the fact that your child is potty trained is a big NO NO in the parenting world because goodness gracious it is like the holy grail of awesomeness when you don’t have to change dirty diapers anymore! For all of these reasons and probably so much more, parents can get a little testy about the topic. So please, if you are sensitive to this topic, click on another one of my posts :).

Our nearly 4 year old son pretty much potty trained himself starting at 2 years old. Annabelle was born 1 week after Brecken’s second birthday and when we brought her home from the hospital Brecken just decided he didn’t want to wear diapers anymore and wanted to wear his Ninja Turtle underwear we had bought him! So he was seriously the easiest child in the world to train. He still continued to wear diapers/pull ups to bed at night, but all-in-all he was trained.

We decided to start training Annabelle around Christmas time and I took the advice of my older sister to achieve our goal. When we first started trying to train Annabelle we bought her Disney Princess underwear and had her wearing those around the house with no pants on over them. We bought her a potty chair and tried to encourage her to use it. She just couldn’t figure out how to release the urine (sorry if that is too graphic I just can’t think of any other way to say it). So unfortunately, the princesses were getting pottied on and Annabelle was not pleased.

So my older sister recommended taking the underwear off and letting her be naked. My sister said she did this with her kids and it worked great. Being a stay at home mom I understand this gives me liberties that my children wouldn’t have at daycare, so I know this idea won’t work for everyone. Also, I know that some people might not like the idea of nudity in their homes (I’m sorry if this idea offends you). But for Annabelle Rose this was just the ticket to success.

It was kind of a cold month to decide to do this, especially because she didn’t want to wear a shirt either, she wanted to be 100% naked (the girl wouldn’t even let me put socks on her!). But honest to goodness this trick WORKED! She figured out how to potty and poopoo on her potty chair and,  without the restriction of clothes, she just walked right into the bathroom and did her business. At first we did give her treats when she successfully used the restroom, but after two weeks we stopped and it didn’t bother her. We also started putting underwear on after the first two weeks because she learned how to pull them down herself (she still needs help getting them back on sometimes).

We were still putting diapers on her when we left the house…and clothes obviously. She did have a couple accidents when we were outside of our house, but she is not having them anymore! The great thing about Annabelle is she also isn’t having accidents most nights! So I am hoping within the next 6 months we won’t have to do diapers or pull ups at night either.

Do you have any success stories for your potty training endeavors? Any secret tricks you tried that other parents would love to have? Leave comments below or post links to your potty training posts!

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  1. Jami says:

    Awesome story! You make me chuckle!

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