Get Outside with Strider Balance Bikes

A love for the outdoors and living an active, healthy lifestyle, is something that my husband and I feel very strongly about teaching our children. Since moving to our new (116-year-old) home, we spend a lot more time outside and enjoying nature. It is amazing what going from a ¼ acre lot in town to a 1 acre lot on the outside of town can do! For us, being surrounded by fields and looking out our windows to see beautiful sunrises and sunsets, has really encouraged us to get outside and take in the outdoors.

This year we have been blessed with warmer weather than normal in February and into March and we were excited to get outside and ride our bikes. Strider Balance Bikes graciously gifted Annabelle AND Brecken Strider Balance Bikes and they have been sooooo excited to ride!


Their bikes arrived during a colder week where there was snow on the ground, but we put them together anyway and let them ride around our house. The great thing about these Strider bikes, is, as long as the wheels are cleaned, they really don’t cause any wear or tear to your flooring!

The sun came out and the snow melted last week and Brecken and Annabelle got outside to try their hand at racing. Strider Balance Bikes have come up with an amazing design that allows children from 18 months-5 years+ to learn how to ride these no pedal bikes. The design allows children to ride on two wheels while using their core and leg muscles to balance while still continuing to use their arms to steer. Balance bikes are designed with only foot propulsion to teach the fundamentals of riding and enable a child to transition to a pedal bike easier.

I was a little nervous to see how Annabelle did on the bike because she has never rode a two wheeled bike before, but she did AWESOME! And the best part was she absolutely loved it because she looked like such a big girl and was riding the same style of bike as her big brother.  Strider, like Jeremy and I, has a passion for the outdoors and teaching children and families to get outside and live an active lifestyle.

Another wonderful thing about Strider Balance Bikes as a company is their passion to enable children with special needs to ride bikes. Strider Balance Bikes have turned individuals with Down syndrome, low muscle town, autism, poor balance, arthrogryposis and cerebral palsy into bike riding enthusiasts. They also use their bikes to enable elderly individuals to practice their balance and continue to ride bikes. Having a nephew with Cerebral Palsy and a history working with the elderly, I was very happy to hear of Strider Balance Bikes commitment to helping all individuals ride.

Annabelle and Brecken are so excited because they are going to compete in the STRIDER CUP this June 10, 2017 in Lincoln, NE at Tower Square. Click HERE to learn more about the STRIDER CUP and how to get your little one involved in this fun activity! Comment below if you plan to be at the STRIDER CUP!

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  1. Savannah says:

    Ahh, this is so cute!!! It’s really exciting to me to see Annabelle doing so well on the strider bike, because we’ve been thinking about getting my son (who will be 2 later this month) one of them, but weren’t sure how he’d do! It’s also been unusually warm here, so we’ve been getting tons of vitamin D lately!

    1. says:

      Thanks so much for reading! Yes we truly do loves these Stider balance bikes!

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